Third Street Apples
935 3rd Street
Penrose, CO 81240
(719) 372-6283

Orchard and store hours are
9:30 to 5:00
Thursday - Monday
Tuesday and Wednesday
August 25 - October 31

Updated September 18

Open except Tuesday and Wednesday

We have had a great season so far. We are now picking Jonathan and Golden Delicious apples.
 The late ripening apples (those that have been red-flagged) will all be available for picking starting Saturday, September 23.  This includes the Arkansas Black, Calville Blanc and Idared apples that many have been asking about.  

Pumpkin patches are open!

A big "thank you" to our customers who have done a great job of minimizing waste while picking their apples!  We have tasting apples in the store for varieties you may not be familiar with.  

While you are in Penrose,you may also want to visit Jenkins Farms Apple Valley Orchard at 401 K Street just a few blocks from our farm.  They have a really good apple crop and are open for U-Pick on weekends 

 Also, Happy Apple Farm nearby at 1st and K Street has apple cider and a huge pumpkin patch.

For Your Safety and Enjoyment

Please remember that you are visiting a working farm with some inherent  hazards and risks. Prepare you and your children for an outdoor experience.  You may not want to wear open-toed sandals or flip-flops since the ground is uneven and there may be insects and bees and even thorny plants. Sunscreen may be useful.  If you or your children have allergies (such as to bees and wasps) come prepared.  Be aware that there are many small irrigation ditches, irrigation pipe, hoses and irrigation tubing to avoid falls.  Pay close attention overhead while you are picking apples as it is easy to bump your head on a branch or poke yourself on a twig. Do not climb trees or allow your children to climb trees. Stay away from idle farm machinery at the back of the orchard.  Be cautious near the road and parking areas since some drivers might be thinking about....apples!  Be safe and have fun.

Gail among the McIntosh trees on Easter Sunday 2017